Can Neanderthals Build Too? or do they live in Caves or so?

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    • Hello Slungy, the differences between neanderthals and humans will only be appearance and minor stat differences. For instance, while neanderthals will not be restricted to just living in caves, they may be better suited to that lifestyle than a human would be.
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    • Slungy wrote:

      Can Neandherthals Build Huts and Campfires and Craft Tools? and are they only active at night? sorry for my lack of knowledge about neanderthals.
      Of course The neandhertals had crafted magnificent objects. There were active as Sapiens we can legitimately suppose. They were 1600cm3 brain. Sometimes more :

      By the way, I hope developpers are aware that they will offer to the world the first unique wonderful interactive history of Neandhertal humans. A step for the devs, a huge step for the people re-discovering of this Homo. Thanks.
      I would be glad to know from which researches and documentaries you are inspired for Neandhertal behaviors.

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    • We're taking Neanderthal information from wherever it can be found. As you know, a lot of things about Neanderthals are just emerging in the last few decades, it's a very evolving study. I think to say that we can make an accurate Neanderthal Simulator would be too far...but I definitely believe we're doing more on this front than other games have done. Using similar weapons and tools up against similar creatures that lived in the time period as well as interacting with humans, there's definitely a lot of elements there that Stone Rage is probably first with. I'm glad folks like you are picking up in these details. Stone Rage has a very specific setting and theme that is not meant to emulate other games at all.