Announcement StoneRage - Almost there!

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    • StoneRage - Almost there!

      Hello everyone! We hope you are having a wonderful 2018 so far. Just a brief update for today to let you all know where we stand but first, our apologies for the incorrect “Wishlist” listing of March 1st as the release date. This was clearly a mistake and we are unsure why it was listed as such. Thank you all for your understanding.

      Now to the fun stuff. As you may know, we lost our programmer in December. This, obviously, caused some unexpected delays and has slowed our progress. We really thank you all for your patience during all of this as it has certainly but rough for the team and we imagine rough for some of you as well. We are happy to finally announce that we have brought a new programmer onto the team and work has fully resumed. We have high hopes that he will be able to help us make Stone Rage the game we envision.

      Our next step now that we have a full team once again is to continue working on bug fixes that we are aware of and implementing the last few features that we consider necessary for our Early Access release. We hope to have a phase of closed testing at some point before release and many of you have expressed your interest in participating in this. Testing will help us sort out any unseen bugs that you all may find as well as highlighting any features that need tuning, added or even removed so stay tuned for that!

      Thank you all again, and we look forward to seeing you in game. As always, stop by the Steam Discussions page, our Forum or our Discord as our Community Manager is always ready to answer questions.