Customisation/Optional Decorative rewards for hunting in StoneRage

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    • Customisation/Optional Decorative rewards for hunting in StoneRage

      Hi guys! ^^

      I thought a bit about how we could make a succesful hunt even more rewarding for the Human and Neanderthal players. (Maybe this will even help keeping the Human and Neanderthal player base alive-so they wont switch to animals)

      How about you add optional individual decorative rewards for hunting down prey? (Or for discovering , doing something)

      For example :

      you kill a mammoth you will get

      -the option to get a mammoth tattoo (painting) on your chest, arm etc.

      - Mammoth hide to craft mammoth clothing.

      -Mammoth teeth to craft mammoth teeth spear etc.

      -Mammoth SKULL or bones for your hut or your camp.


      -SCARS on your face etc.

      -Everything from above

      .Same for every other animal you encounter.


      -collect and craft bamboo,wood face mask and armor

      -collect and craft grass,flower,leaves stealth armor (or put in on your body to become even more stealthy)

      Edit: Things like scars could be unlocked by animal players aswell, or maybe a darker fur colour etc.


      Thanks for reading

      I hope this Idea will be taken into consideration :)

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    • Those are some awesome ideas Grimm! Loving them. I would also like to see some compelling reasons to stay human and go on more dangerous hunts such as skulls for trophies.

      Thankfully, I do have a bit to share on this. We do have special clothing you can get from hunting animals. Here is a look at the snow leopard clothing. Please note this is a work in progress and will likely not be included in the Early Access launch. That just means feedback is even more important!
      Stone Rage Public Relations and Community Manager