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    • Questions to the Community

      Hey everyone,

      Just wanna hear what you guys think about those questions below. Please share with us to create a better game experience for you.

      • What do you wanna see?
      • What is something you don't want to see in Stone Rage? Example: floating bases!?
      • Stability over content? Or other way around?
      • Price? How much is too much for an indie game?
    • - I'd like too see long day/night cycles. I love to see realism in contents and mechanics, especially for physics of mouvements : realistic jumps, runs.... Animals AI is very important.
      I would like to see an graphics option for setting the field of view and the range of view. A very long range of view (as an option) , especially for players who have a very good cumputer.
      Make hunting difficult, with a long detection range : a detection system for smell, vision and noise. This three sense are the pillars of a good environement interaction system with. Will you implement footprints sytsem ?
      Make firestarting difficult, the challenge of this time, but a powerfull fire effect on animals fear.
      Moreover, I'd like to see faune and flora variety. Variety is more important for me than the aesthetic : young animals, young trees, male and female, plants, flowers, butterflies, mosquitoes. Sounds variety, for birds, mosquitoes, wind, rain, important too. (take a look at "WolfQuest"), it's very realistic.

      - .... I mean not overated physics. No superpowers.

      - 20-30 euros.
    • - Long day/night cycles -> check!
      - Animations currently being tweaked again. Unsure if we gonna be with the results we strive happy at EA launch.
      - Graphic Options, yes! Different hardware, different settings for each player. Working on that.
      - Hunting difficult. Not yet. That will be post-EA feature :(
      - Footprint system -> check!
      - Make firestart hard -> it is kinda, check! But mechanics will eventually be reworked.

      Overall, great list. Most of our current features are experimental. That's why we go into EA. To see what people like and dislike and to change/adapt and improve from the feedback we receive. Thanks so much, Vincecelt!
    • Just another idea. Perhaps it is a thing that miss in the game The Long dark (which is my reference for games which are nea to wild surviving type) : large variety weather, missing litghning and thunder.
      Lightning is also an epic phenomenon during this prehistorical age. It's brutal, dominant, scary, and beautiful. The sound of thunder is important too.
    • I love all the ideas stated above.

      I would really like to see the immersion of the different tribes or animal cultures. How can they be implemented in a way that helps each other in a pack situation? I would like it to also be able to team up animals with human. Like if a human befriends or tames a mammoth they can be used and implemented to haul more lumber at one time.

      A sabertooth on your team might have better tracking skills. While a mammoth would be strength based. A bird would be more agile and have higher dexterity to avoid oncoming attacks. Things like this.

      An option to turn on or off PVP modes so new players are not attacked on sight like in other mmo survival games...or it forces you to have a large group before even starting to play it. Or at the very least have pvp automatically switch on after a certain level. So at first you only have to worry about environmental dangers and gives you time to find a tribe or friendly group.

      Speaking of environment I saw the photos of the amazing volcano and was thinking I hope it erupts at some random point and the people would then have to flee from wildfires maybe. Similar concept is random lightning storms creating fire in areas.

      Lastly I would really like to see families. Rearing children. Growing your village. Animal mates and cubs and things like that would be an awesome experience to making an indepth life story with other players.
    • So these are my suggestions and option's I would love if player could be human and animal on same server not separating them.
      Realistic injuries for fall damage but not to extreme as some games have gone from you can fall from stupidly high and be fine and others to the extreme of you fall of a fallen tree trunk and now you have a broken leg neither of those are realistic and ruin game immersion.
      Healing of injuries again realistic in game time but not to the extreme were you spend 3/4 hours irl playing your game with something like a broken leg.
      Oh and it would be really cool if not only could humans team up with animal players but if they could hunt each other to so a human player could follow tracks and stuff for an animal player but the animal player could smell them ect if the not down wind, it would bring a really unique pvp aspect to the game.
      Building wise it would be cool if you can not only build box type structures but have some triangular pieces or no collision types so you can go circular and other shapes, a pet peeve for rpers and builders is the dreaded landscape filled with boxes.
      Price wise if your paying to playing alpha or beta it should be slightly less then finished game price as your paying for an unfinished game and you should be helping to find the bugs test the games limits and be reporting them bk to you guys.
      In alpha testing stability comes as the game gets closer and closer to release but it needs to be stable enough that you don't get bad press before the game comes out as long as there regular updates on the fixes of bugs glitches ect found by testers peeps should overlook a little instability to begin with.
    • What i wanna see in a stone age game? Brutality - blood! (semi) :) But i think something like animations for objects would for be a great thing (always) in a survivalgame. Example: A Spinning wheel when its in use - turning, a furnance when its in use - burning and see the fire and the smoke and and and... (JUST EXAMPLES! I know that a spinning wheel doesnt exist in stone ages).
      The most things i dont want to see in Stone Rage is a Level System and non physical Bases also that PvE is the main part (PvP should always be the main thing in a Survivalgame in my opinoin). Something like creating a Tribe/Clan/Guild is always good and walking around to save your area with your soldiers and friends and hiring new people maybe.
      Stability over Content!!! Nobody wants to play a game which you cant even fight or build without lags and other annoying things.
      Content is for sure as important as Stability but when the main thing is pvp than stability is more important because the player make they own scenarios and experiences with other players. Sure when no Content is coming than it can be boring after a time.

      15-30€. When you sell a game for 30€ the people are like:"mhm.. should i buy it its alot of money." but when you sell it for 20€:"Ohh for 20€ i could look into the game" also i would never do 30 or 20€ i would do 19.99 or 29.99€ because it looks so much cheaper and nicer! :) Its all called psychological.

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