Player factions

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    • Player factions

      Been on a pretty deep Hyperborean/Dark Souls kick and was thinking about the ideas of factions. I know you can form tribes with other players, but what if 'tribes' could be renamed into various factions that give you a basis of a playstyle for how your group has aligned their goals and interests? Very loose examples here;
      • Tribes - play with your friends and establish a settlement to leave for hunts and return somewhere safe
      • Nomadic herd - establish mounted "horse" (whats the equivalent of a horse in this game?) roving groups that lay temporary settlement when finding somewhere with good game and moving when larger game is spotted
      • Cults - PVP focused that believe in a dark primitive god that demands bloodshed as sacrifice
      • Anti cult faction - "survivors' of cult attacks that are aligned against the cult. While the cult kills indiscriminately, this faction is solely looking to kill cultists and providing a sense of 'moral right'
    • cutsman wrote:

      whats the equivalent of a horse in this game?
      It's still a horse :D .

      I think those are really cool ideas but what we are aiming for is the players to naturally take on whatever play style they want. If forming a nomadic tribe with your friends where you are constantly on the move, only ever stopping for short periods, is something you are interested, then go for it! You could form your tribe with the sole intent on dominating the land and being very militaristic, or have your tribe geared towards helping others.

      Basically, your ideas are what we are hoping will happen naturally. We just don't want to slap labels on it and make people feel like they only have so many options.
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