Angepinnt What You Really Do and Don't Want to See in Stone Rage

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    • What You Really Do and Don't Want to See in Stone Rage

      Hey there everyone!

      So, with the big news that Stone Rage has been Greenlit, the team is moving into it's final stretch of development before releasing onto Early Access. What we are looking for is anyone with experience playing survival games to give us some information;

      What is it that you have really enjoyed about these games?
      What have you really disliked?
      What are some features that you really wish were included that these games don't have?

      Like I said, we are in the final stretch before Stone Rage is available to the public. The team is working hard, day and night, to get everything finished. However, we want to make sure that in our efforts, we aren't overlooking anything.

      Thanks for your help, looking forward to seeing you all in the game!
      Stone Rage Public Relations and Community Manager