Pinned Construction System

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    • Maybe "rust" construction system is ok. But I thimk it could be interesting to allow only to build "houses" without more than 2 floors, in order to keep the environment and the gameplay more likely "prehistoric". From my point of view, it would be an error to allow building "stone age skyscrapers". Also, Prebuilt constructions like huts, totems and so on are the best thing I suppose. I know you already allow to build this :D
      In addition, I was thinking also like Slungy: pre built walls, maybe big traps to "contain" an enemy attack, or something like that ^^
    • I'd love to see the ability to build a camp rather than something resembling a house with four walls. Not saying that won't appeal to people - it 100% will, but I'd personally feel an alternative such as making a clearing, a fence and some kind of lean-to with a cooking pit would be really nice. Maybe make a big enough settlement with people for some kind of compound?

      My most disliked construction system was Fallout 4. I was initially very excited with this games building, but it hit a wall when it came to uneven terrain and it really took me out of it by having gaps in floors and walls that weren't aligned properly. This should be less of an issue in Stone Rage seeing as how this is prehistoric, I'd naturally want some kind of unevenness.

      I'd also like to see a variety in art of what you're currently building. Some walls VERY distressed, or haphazardly made? Possibly requiring less building materials due to its shabbiness?

      Can you dig/alter the terrain to some degree?
    • Let's go over a few of these:

      1. Realistic, historically accurate tents and huts are definitely in the game for construction. Ovens, campfires etc, and other decorative elements are also available to be created for a village. We simply haven't showcased any of these more artistic assets in a video yet.

      2. The alternative to pre-built huts that we also have, is modular walls, floors, posts, and roofing. Now these assets DO actually have a lot in common with Fallout 4 construction. One of the primary differences to Fallout 4 construction with these assets is that these can be attacked and destroyed by enemy players. As production continues, we obviously hope that we can make the modular building bits have enough variety that a pleasantly chaotic aesthetic can be achieved so that the modular pieces slowly become more and more like the pre-built items. In all likelihood, the modular pieces will serve best as defensive structures like walls and so forth for villages, while prettier huts occupy a central tribal zone.

      3. Real-time deformation of terrain is not possible on large scale landscapes with Unreal 4 engine. There's a way of doing virtual deformation, but it would not impact collision - so you'd have big visual dents that players could hover over, which is a bit of a bad thing for immersion...also that method would probably tank FPS by about 10-40 fps depending on machine because it would propagate to every inch of entire landscape. Is it absolutely impossible? No, there are methods that we could still explore, such as using destructible non-terrain assets sunk into a "lake-like" depression in the terrain. Of course, then there's the downside of telling players "hey you can dig here, but no where else" and not really having a valid logic to explain it.
    • Man, you guys need to get more videos out so we can actually get a grasp of what is in the game so my suggestions don't make me sound like a caveman. Excited to see these.

      On the whole, I initially LOVED the Fallout 4 building, but it was just the VERY specific "attaching" points bothered me. Like I'd need to line it up pin perfect when I'd really appreciate the ability to turn on and off a large snap-to tolerance so I can really get this down to my specifications.

      Digging isn't a big deal. I will happily survive without another Minecraft-like.

    • I can't help to this "What you dislike/like from other similar games", because I haven't played games like that before. In term of construction system.
      Yes, maybe, I've played a little at Strandeed Deep.
      The system we can observe in your early access trailer seems close to that. I like it for the free positionning building-items, walls/floor/pikes, etc...
      If and only if the system represent accurate houses/tipi, so I will be ok, even if the mechanic is not 100% perfect.

      My words could be interpreted in a way that I am resigned to help to tel you things about a construction-mechanic, but I prefer the purpose of what we can build (than how).
    • cutsman wrote:

      Man, you guys need to get more videos out so we can actually get a grasp of what is in the game
      We're definitely working on this but it takes quite a bit of time. We realize that there is still so much to show and everyone still has so many questions so we are working on getting this info out to you all.
      Stone Rage Public Relations and Community Manager