Cooking and buffs from eating

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    • Cooking and buffs from eating

      I feel cooking in open world/crafting games are severely under utilized and was hoping if there might be an expanded cooking system? Now I understand you can starve to death from not eating, but aside from it being baseline utilitarian "Eat this matter to continue playing" it would be more compelling if you could hunt and gather ingredients for an effect that made you better/more efficient at something else. Just some ideas I'm spitballing -

      • Veggies -> cooking these give you a temporary speed buff (Salads make you fast, right? I dunno)
      • Barks and mushrooms -> Hallucinogenics or poison if consumed, but used offensive as an coating on an arrow would be great. Could help with tackling larger prey or work against you by driving them into a PCP style frothing berzerker rage if brewed improperly
      • Meats -> Maybe an increased health pool? Being able to poison these and leave them around without much indicator would be a good trap if you're hunting people.
      • People based meat -> I'd love a pip or some kind of light navigation that would guide you to the next closest player so that you can take a less travelled path and just ambush them. Cannibalism, as we all know, is cool as hell, but what is more cool, is killing your prey while they're filled with surprise and terror.
      • Seafood -> Maybe some kind of increased health regen over time or swim speed?
      Like i said, just kinda throwing some ideas out there but I'd be thrilled to see an in depth cooking system added to the game.