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  • Frequently asked questions.

    Q: What engine are you using?
    A: Unreal Engine 4

    Q: When will a playable demo version of game be available?
    A: No demo will be available.

    Q: Will you be using Steam?
    A: Yes, we will be using Steam Early Access program.

    Q: Will there be a retail copy of the game available in stores?
    A: Currently, we have only planned to release digital copies via steam.

    Q: How much will the game cost?
    A: Around 20-29 Euros on steam.

    Q: Will there be a Singleplayer or Offline gameplay?
    A: The game is offering both. Multiplayer and Singleplayer for the best player experience.

    Q: Which and how many races are available to be played?
    A: You can choose to play as Human, Neanderthal and Animal genus. All from third and first person with your own customizeable camera view/preference.

    Q: What are the system requirements?
    A: At the moment we do not have specific system requirements.

    Q: Where can I donate for the development?
    A: We currently don’t offer any donation service. Please check out our Steam shop page later and grab yourself a copy :)