Primitiv cult

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    • Primitiv cult

      As we know it, the humans who will be there in this game surely had funeral rites. Is there a gameplay for that, for humans first ?

      Now, only Speculations : And I also think about mammoth, and probably mammoth cimeteries. By the scientific postulate of Actualism, mammoth would do that as elephants do it.
      Elephants cimetery are a homage of death, belong to the speculations.
      I can imagine a beautiful mammoth site into the Stone Rage world. It could make a full immersion in prehistoric humans brain and their firsts thought about "after death"

      in a more generally question, is there a progeny system ? Is there male/female humans ? Can we make children ? Can we incarnate children in case of parent death ?

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    • I think you've brought up some very fascinating ideas, however it might be a bit of a stretch to implement some of them. Could you have funeral rites? MAYBE, however the game does not have a "Permadeath" system in place by default so it might be awkward if "Caveman Frank" shows up to the funeral for "Caveman Frank".

      On the other hand, there are plans for multiple servers. Could we have different rules in different servers, like a Permadeath server for Hardcore players as a few other games do? That is a good question...