Skinning, crafting and flintknapping.

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    • Skinning, crafting and flintknapping.

      Hi :)

      I was watching for my 12148724124 time the trailer of the game when I saw, more or less on the minute 1:40, a bloody dead animal ^^ . I remembered, then, that Stone Rage is a Open World Survival game, and that there is also a crafting system, as I read on the webpage. I don't know exactly how you guys have made the crafting system, and also, the way you get the meat from the dead animals (or humans :D ), but I was thinking about something unique on the survival games genre. Considering this is a stone age based game, I think that you could include a basic flintknapping system.
      Here's my concept of that:
      The player must look for two types of rock (he doesn't need to use a hammer, like we can see on the trailer, but simply take rocks from the ground), a hammerstone, wich could look like this: and another rock, a flint core, that will be used to make our stone tools : . Then, I don't know if you are thinking about a level based crafting system, but, anyway, the first thing that the player could do with this rocks, could be a knife or a biface. Depending on how you guys have designed the crafting system, the player should, first of all, craft a prebiface shape like this: then, with the prebiface shape, and the hammerstone, he could finally make a beface like this: So, our player has now a biface and he will be able to skin and cut the meat of that woolly mammoth :D . Also, our caveman friend could knapp some arrow and spear points! The process could be similar. A hammerstone, and a flint core. You can get, from those items, flint flakes : . Then, with a hammerstone, or a little hammerstone (if you want to complicate our lives :P ) and the flakes, you will be able to make arrow or spear points: .
      So that's it. I think this is really basic stuff, because we could also consider the use of antlers strikers and tools to make arrow points or even bifaces. Maybe it's not 100% historically accurate, but complicating the crafting system may worsen the gameplay experience, so I think that hammerstone and flint core is enough. Also, you should remember that with one core you can make only one biface, but with a flint core (and the correct strikes and technique) you can get hundreds of flakes :P . And also that neandethals didn't make the same tools, for example, the shape (and technique) of the spear points are likely triangles, like this : , and the biface could be like more rough, like this: or .

      I hope this post won't be too boring, and the images have been usefull to illustrate my idea.

      Thanks for your time ^^

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