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  • Ideas to Prevent Griefing

    aninipay - - Feedback & Ideas


    I mainly play survival games, like ark, rust, conan, any many more ect the best way to prevent grieving by destroying everything the player owns when there offline is a simple no offline raiding mechanic this is where 10/15 mins after logging in and out of game that your base, boxes, character become invincible and inaccessible there still there in game but players cant loot you and cant destroy your base. by giving 10/15 mins either way it means you cant be ganked the moment your loading in and…

  • Questions to the Community

    aninipay - - General Discussion


    So these are my suggestions and option's I would love if player could be human and animal on same server not separating them. Realistic injuries for fall damage but not to extreme as some games have gone from you can fall from stupidly high and be fine and others to the extreme of you fall of a fallen tree trunk and now you have a broken leg neither of those are realistic and ruin game immersion. Healing of injuries again realistic in game time but not to the extreme were you spend 3/4 hours irl…