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    Samradan/Centipede - - General Discussion


    in EA 20€ and after its release 30€ or more.

  • What i wanna see in a stone age game? Brutality - blood! (semi) But i think something like animations for objects would for be a great thing (always) in a survivalgame. Example: A Spinning wheel when its in use - turning, a furnance when its in use - burning and see the fire and the smoke and and and... (JUST EXAMPLES! I know that a spinning wheel doesnt exist in stone ages). The most things i dont want to see in Stone Rage is a Level System and non physical Bases also that PvE is the main part …

  • I played alot of survival games like: Rust, ARK (not long); Dark and Light, Beast of Prey, Veritex, Citadel: Forged with fire, Life is Feudal, Savage Lands, Voodo (now Titans: Dawn of Tribes) and alot more. If you want to hear my opinion/idea to that subject: You have something like an Altar or similiar in your base/area which protect all you have but any player can destroy all but without an altar it goes faster and with an altar you need something like rams or similar (idk that much about the …