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  • Ideas to Prevent Griefing

    Bludgeon - - Feedback & Ideas


    I think I mentioned this a bit in my first post. I can't remember where I posted it sorry. Anyway my ideas would be to have a leveling system where the first couple of levels is strictly PVE. This gives players a chance to become established before getting randomly attacked as a new player without any idea of how to play the game or survive. This would give everyone an even start. So those new players would not be able to be attacked by another player. But they still have to battle against the e…

  • Questions to the Community

    Bludgeon - - General Discussion


    I love all the ideas stated above. I would really like to see the immersion of the different tribes or animal cultures. How can they be implemented in a way that helps each other in a pack situation? I would like it to also be able to team up animals with human. Like if a human befriends or tames a mammoth they can be used and implemented to haul more lumber at one time. A sabertooth on your team might have better tracking skills. While a mammoth would be strength based. A bird would be more agi…